Austin Paintworks has a great deal of experience in restoring, refinishing and coating objects of all kinds. Individuals have entrusted the restoration or repair of old or damaged sculptures. Companies like Intel rely on our experience to take their 3D printed prototypes to the retail-ready level. Museum quality pieces require a highly specialized and creative approach to projects- we have completed many ready for display pieces.


Flying Automobile Concept Car Installation at Wiess Energy Hall, Houston Museum of Natural Sciences

Our partners at Paul Bernhard Exhibits asked us if we could transformed this full sized foam concept car into a museum quality piece for the Weiss Energy Hall in Houston, TX. We worked night and day to give this beauty a show finish paint job in time for the grand opening.

Stampede2 Supercomputer at UT’s Texas Advanced Computing Center

This project was a once in a lifetime experience- The graphic artist at UT found us through our Motorcycle paintwork and asked us if we could paint his artwork on 30 rack doors which covered their new 18 Petaflop supercomputer made for UT by Dell. This project was completed using stencils in 4 colors and was completed and installed in less than 1 month.

“Working with APWX was awesome. The guys were extremely knowledgeable, able to guide us through a fairly complex process, and delivered top quality results. TACC is looking forward to working with them again.”

Matt Stelmaszek, Texas Advanced Computing Center, UT Austin